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News Letter

Hello to all my fans and friends.

Again,  thank you for visiting my site, and supporting Rob Barry Music. Hope you are all well. We have been very busy, playing shows, recording new original material and promoting our music. I just recently signed with my producer, Dan Mitchell and his record label, Writers Night Records! Of course, I am thrilled! The Label just released the new single to Country Radio! The first single is, "The Girl's Got "Shine"! One of the songs that I think folks will tap there feet to! Also included is a bonus track, "Kentucky Kin"! I co-wrote the first song, "Shine", with Alamo Jones. Alamo has his own talk show on Outlaw Country Channel 60! Sirius XM Radio! The demo was recorded at Hank Williams the 3rd's studio in Nashville Tn. He's very talented and real cool. What an honor to work with him!  We are real pleased with these new songs. I recently did an interview with Alamo on his show on Outlaw Country Channel 60! He sounds so much like Johnny Cash. He is known in Nashville as, The Voice in Black! The show is on every Saturday at 1pm, and is on until 5 pm EST! Also, on Sunday's from 6PM until 10PM EST! I just recently did a very cool interview on WKDQ, Evansville, with D.J. Eric Cornish! Here is the link. Please check it out,http://wkdq.com/wkdq-com-live-rob-barry/ I want to thank all of the stations that are playing the new single and our songs. It means so much to us as we keep reaching for the stars! Now I want to take the time to thank our sponsors. 1 Tieman Tire 2. Wall 2 Wall Construction. 3. Jordan & Vaught Ins. 4. Nina Mulay 5. Terry Langley, 6. Vance's Music and last but for sure not least, The Good Lord!  We also want to thank anyone who has bought a CD, Download or came to see us perform. We cannot do this without you!  Finally, we ask that you will call your local radio station and request our new single. Of course your support is so appreciated. Now are currently booking for the rest of 2015, and starting 2016! Please contact me by email at robbybarry@yahoo.com or catch me on Facebook at Robby Barry. Remember, we book private parties for your special occassions, as well as booking shows. Remember in addition to my trio, I also do acoustic sets for private parties and or cafe acoustic sets. Drop us an email or give me a call. God bless you.

Robby Barry